The difference between wondering and wandering is more than one letter

I was talking to a radio host about the new edition of Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome and he commented that thinking about jumping the fence to explore greener grass, was not the same as actually jumping over. I agreed, but then said something I’ve never said before. “First I wondered, and then I wandered.”  After the interview I gave that phrase some serious thought.

how to stop my husband from looking at other womenThere’s not much difference in the words, but it makes a world of difference if we just think something verses doing it.  The wondering is not always in our control as inappropriate thoughts may pop into our head from time to time. The popping thought is not a sin, but what you DO after the thought will be, if you allow it to linger and entice you to action.   The action–the wandering–into someone else’s yard will be your undoing.

So guard your thoughts, and your actions.  Keep your heart and mind on your own mate and if a wondering thought pops in, do not let it cause you to wander.

Be sure to keep your marriage safe within your affair proof Hedges.

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