Creating a Peaceful Homelife

We were privileged to speak to a very attentive congregation at Covenant Church in Pasadena, California on a Sunday morning. Yes, we were asked to give our conflict resolution tips to ALL the people, not just the married couples.

Pastor Arlin and his lovely wife, Yaritza are servant-leaders with a heart for their people and wanted us to encourage and instruct them on how to have a peaceful life by resolving conflicts in a Biblical way.

We were thrilled to have this opportunity to broaden our message and share guidelines for resolving conflict in any relationship: parents, siblings, roommates, coworkers, and marriage partners.  Some of our topics included *how to disagree without fighting * how to encourage each other * peaceful ways to reduce conflict * and how to ask for and receive forgiveness.

They have invited us back on March 3rd to speak on another topic that will be helpful for all who attend Sunday services. We are excited for this opportunity!

Speaking in Pasadena, CA

Pastor Arlin and Yaritza Sanchez

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